Fireplace Design Ideas Pictures

Fireplace Design Ideas Pictures

Great advice and tips from Gustav Stickley on fireplace designs appropriate for traditional or country style interiors. Fireplace hearth design that is timeless in its rustic simplicity.

The Pictures

Living Room
Living Room with Fireplace.

¶ Chimneypiece and fireside seats in a typical craftsman living room. The chimneypiece is paneled with dull finished grubby tiles banded with wrought iron held in place by copper rivets. The fireplace hood is of copper and the paneling of seats and wainscot is in fumed oak.

Brick Fireplace
Brick Fireplace.

¶ Fireplace in a living room. The square massive chimneypiece is built of hard burned red brick laid up in dark mortar with wide joints. The mantel shelf in the picture here is of red cement, but a thick oak plank would be equally effective. The hood is of copper and the fireplace is banded with wrought iron. The paneling above the bookcases gives an interesting division of the wall spaces.


¶ A recessed fireplace nook in a room where the woodwork is light and fine and the paneled wall spaces are covered with some fabric such as silk, canvas, or Japanese grass cloth.

Fireside Nook
Fireside Nook.

¶ A fireside nook that is deeply recessed from the living room. The ceiling of the nook is much lower than that of the main room giving an effect of comfort that is hard to obtain in any other way.

Craftsman Hearth
Craftsman Hearth

¶ Built in china closets on either side of the fireplace in a living room which is also used as a dining room. By a slight difference in arrangement the cupboards above could be made to serve as bookcases and those below as storage places for papers, magazines and the like.

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