Tabourets Plans

Tabourets Plans

¶ In these pictures we picture two of the simplest models we have ever offered for the use of home cabinetworkers. They are two designs for small tabourets and were selected to illustrate the first article on home training in cabinetwork, published in "The Craftsman" in April, 1905. Therefore from the point of view of their precedence in the series, no less than their fitness as models for the beginner, they have been chosen to head the illustrations for this article. In the case of both of them the construction shows for itself. The tenons of the legs are visible through the top of the table, where they are firmly wedged and then planed flush with the top. This not only strengthens the table very considerably, but the difference in the grain of the wood gives the effect of four small square inlays in each table top. Also it is well to note that, in cutting the mortises for the stretchers of the square tabouret, there is half an inch difference in the heights of the two stretchers. A dowel pin 3/8ths of an inch in diameter runs all the way through the legs and holds firm the tenons of the stretchers, making it practically impossible for the table to rack apart. These pins are planed off flush with the sides of the legs.

Round Tabouret

Square Tabouret

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