Dining Room Sideboard

Dining Room Sideboard

A small antique style sideboard.

¶ Picture 18. The lines and proportions of this small sideboard make it an unusually satisfying piece for the home worker to try his skill on because, if it is well made, it is a piece of furniture that would add much to the beauty of a dining room. The construction, though on a larger scale and in some ways more complicated than in any of the preceding pieces, is no more difficult and no trouble will be found in putting it together. The back is to be screwed into place and is put on last. The top can be doweled on or fastened with table irons. The latter will be safer if there is any doubt as to the thorough seasoning of the wood, as the irons will admit of a slight shrinkage or swelling without cracking the wood. All the edges should be slightly softened with sandpaper just before the finish is applied.

Dining Room Sideboard
Small Sideboard

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This is Dining Room Sideboard.

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