Rustic Outdoor Furniture Plans

Rustic Outdoor Furniture Plans

¶ Pictures 30, 31, 32 and 33 show some substantial pieces of rustic furniture designed for country or camp life or for outdoor use. The first is a swinging seat for the veranda or lawn; the second, a bedstead for use in a log cabin or camp; the third is a rustic chair and the fourth a rustic couch for outdoor use. The value of this rustic furniture is not wholly that it is durable and capable of weathering sun and rain alike, but that it makes a special appeal to the amateur carpenter, as its rough exterior hides defects in joining and there is not the special need of well seasoned and carefully prepared lumber that is so essential to the success of the finer pieces.

Rustic Bed
Rustic bed for log cabin or mountain camp.

Rustic Swing Seat
Rustic swing seat.

Rustic Couch
Couch for veranda or lawn.

Rustic Chair
Rustic chair.

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