Rustic Dining Table & Wooden Bench

Rustic Dining Table & Wooden Bench

Plans for rustic wooden benches and dining tables.

¶ Pictures 28 and 29 show a rustic bench and table meant for a log cabin or mountain camp. The legs of the bench are made of small logs which are hewn or planed at four angles, leaving the round surface and the wane, so that the piece has in it some of the irregularity of the trunk of the growing tree. The top of the bench is made of a split log planed only at the upper side, the under side being stripped of its bark and left in the natural shape. The horses for the table are made in the same way as the legs of the bench. The table top is in two pieces, the wide thick planks of which it is made being finished as carefully as for any well made table. These table boards are locked together underneath so that there is no danger of their parting when in use and they can easily be taken apart when it is necessary to move or set aside the table. The great convenience of this table is that it can be taken to pieces and used anywhere, indoors or out.

Rustic Dining Table
Rustic Dining Table with Slab Top

Rustic Country Bench
Rustic Country Bench that can be taken apart at will.

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