Revolving Book Rack Plan & Letter File

Revolving Book Rack Plan & Letter File

¶ Pictures 21 and 22 show two most convenient little pieces for a library table. The first is a small letter file with four compartments for note paper, envelopes and letters, making it very useful for the home bookkeeper. The second is a small revolving book rack, made in the form of a swastika, which revolves upon a flat round stand that raises it about an inch from the table. It is meant to hold small books that are needed for constant reference. Both these pieces show to the best advantage the decorative use of the dovetail as a joint. This bit of structural decoration is a favorite with us because we consider the handmade dovetail to be one of the most interesting structural features used in joinery, as well as the strongest joint. This, of course, applies only to pieces where the strength of the structure depends upon the strength of the corner, for it is purely a corner joint. For example, in the case of this little book rack the use of the dovetail is almost inevitable, for without it the corners would not only be less perfectly joined as regards strength, but the piece would lose its greatest claim to structural interest.

Book Rack
Small Revolving Book Rack

Letter File
Small Letter and Paper File

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