Wooden High Chair

Wooden High Chair

Plans for a baby high chair from wood.

¶ Picture 26 shows a child´s high chair designed in the typical Craftsman style. In building this chair put everything together except the arms and when the glue is dry the arm dowels are fitted and the back ones shoved into place. Then by pressure the front will spring into its proper position. All the dowels should be well glued. Care should be used in the joining of the seat rails and it should also be noted that 3/8ths of an inch is cut from the bottom of the back post after the chair is put together. This makes a little slant back to the seat and gives a comfortable position to the sitter. The back slats of the chair are slightly curved a thing that can be done by thoroughly wetting or steaming the wood and pressing it into shape and then allowing it to dry. The arms of the adjustable tray are cut from a single piece of wood and the back ends are splined by sawing straight in to a point beyond the curve and inserting in the opening made by the saw a piece of wood cut with the grain and well glued. This device gives strength to a point that otherwise would be very weak.

Wooden High Chair
Childs High Chair

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This is Wooden High Chair.

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