Mission Cedar Hope Chest Plan

Mission Cedar Hope Chest Plan

Plans for a large cedar hope chest.

¶ Picture 9 suggests a useful and desirable present for a bride, for it is a cedar lined chest intended for the storing of linen and clothing, just the same sort of chest as the German maidens use for storing away the linen they weave during their girlhood. In making the chest the legs are first built up, then the front and back fastened in; the ends and bottom are put in at the same time, fitting in grooves. The top is simply made, with two panels divided by a broad stile which affords support for the iron strap hinge that extends down the side to be fastened with hasp and padlock. The inside of the chest is lined with cedar boards, so desirable for their pleasant aromatic odor and for their moth preventing properties. This lining should be put in after the chest is made. The iron work can be made by any blacksmith from the drawing, or even made at home if the amateur cabinetworker also possesses a forge.

Cedar Hope Chest
Brides Hope Chest

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