Brown Ash Wood

Brown Ash Wood

¶ Brown ash comes into the same class with rock elm, as it is good for furniture as well as interior woodwork. It has a texture and color very similar to elm and should be treated in the same way with a very light stain of either brown, gray or green, all of which blend perfectly with the color quality inherent in the wood. Unfortunately, however, brown ash is no longer plentiful, having been wasted in the same reckless way that we have wasted other excellent woods. Some years ago it was used in immense quantities for making cheap furniture, agricultural implements and the like, and as it was used not only freely but wastefully, the supply is today very nearly exhausted.

Harmony of Woods

¶ In considering all these woods in connection with interior woodwork, it is well to keep in mind that each one of them harmonizes admirably with all the others while retaining, to the full, its own individuality. Therefore, in finishing the rooms on the first floor of a house, it is merely a matter of personal choice as to whether or not the same wood should be used throughout, or each room finished in a different wood. We have often recommended that one wood be used because in a Craftsman house there are practically no divisions or partitions between the rooms, and in this case the effect is so much like that of one large room with many nooks and corners that it would seem the natural thing to use one kind of wood for the interior woodwork throughout. However, if a variation should be desired, and especially if the separation between the rooms were a little more clearly defined,the use in different rooms of the different woods we have mentioned would be most interesting, as by this means variety in the woodwork could be obtained without any loss of harmony.

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